The Original Haze by The Flying Dutchmen

The TFD Haze comes from the original haze stock that was made in the states by a few people, there are other Hazes on the dutch seed market that are related to these originals but most of these have been extensively crossed for breeding/growing purposes

Our Haze is (Thai x South Indian) x (Columbian x mexican.) When the best plants were selected they tended to go down the green path, although purple types can still be found during grow outs as they are not so inbred. When the Hazes were grown we selected the best 10 females and the best 3 (minimum) males. the male #1 was crossed with all the 10 females, then the male#2 the same and the same again with the male#3.

The resulting seeds were grown out to find the combinations that came closest to the pre determined selection criteria, these criteria's are aptly shown in R. Clarkes book Marijuana Botany. These projects were scientific in mind and were carried out in an extremely professional manner. The generation of seeds that are available have as much diversity as is possible for future breeding (this is quite a narrow genepool) We have subsequent generations also that perform equally well, but this would be hard to emulate with only a small number of seeds. – amsterdammer

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