Strain: Dalat – SE Asian Sativa

Region ::: South East Asian Strain
Type ::: Pure Sativa
Origin ::: Dalat, Vietnam
Breeder :::


Di Wee Dalat Updated: 11Apr03

This is a pure land race from Dalat, Vietnam. It is grown at around 4500 ft. above MSL. Lattitude 12 degrees south.

It has been cultivated by the Montaignards for centuries, and has been know to reach heights of 20 plus feet outdoors. Most similar to a Highland Thai, in look taste and growing habits.

Di Wee Dalat Updated: 11Apr03

This was a first grow of seeds that came to me direct from the plantation in 2002. A very hardy species. It will take lots of punishment, but is very easy to hermie being a pure SE Asian strain.

Out of 100 seeds sprouted, there were 60 females (some of which went hermie after 10 weeks of flower), 39 immediate hermies, and only one true male.

They were flowered at about 40 days of vegetation. Height about 18-20 inches. Two phenotypes, one very bushy and christmas tree like, and the predominant pheno was 'one long bud' along the main stem.

They flowered for a total of 12 weeks under 11/13 before harvest was begun, and then they were harvested over a four week period between 12 and 16 weeks. They never really stopped throwing off new pistils and calyxes. They just kept getting thicker and thicker. Pretty heavy trichome development for a sativa.

The grow was done in soil with a Ph kept around 6.5-6.8 and fed with 15-30-15 nutrient. They really take up the water, so it's hard to drown 'em. The lights were MH enhanced with flourescent supplementation, at around 40-50 watts per square foot. I believe I was really under powered on the lights and that with more wattage this strain should really excell.

They were kept in very small one gallon pots throughout the whole grow which helped keep the height down, but no doubt restricted the potential. Even so they got to 5 feet in height!

Obviously a perfect outdoor strain if grown at the right latitude, but can be done indoors with lots of patience. The next grow will be a SOG/SCROG combo and I believe that with 80 plus watts per sq. ft. this strain will be outstanding!

Di Wee Dalat Updated: 11Apr03

Smoke Report – C.sativa ssp.dalatvietnam Friday April 4, 2003, 7.00 PM

Ok! Here is what, I am sure, a lot of folks have been waiting for. The official FDA approved smoke report on the strain I've been growing these past six months. A pure unadulterated land race sativa of known origin, from Dalat, Viet Nam, South East Asia.

Let me preface this report by saying two things. First, as you read this, keep in mind that I've been puffing on a nice 'fatty' of the DALAT all day today, and I'm still pretty tweaked! Second, I'd like to say, that to me, one of the more desirable qualities of a fine sativa is that it changes your perspective according to your reality. If your reality is one of nervousness, paranoia and fear, greed and commerce, then you might want to stay away from this strain…you might find it a little too unnerving. But if you come from a basically peaceful and happy frame of mind, and don't mind trippin', well then…

I really endeavored to read a lot of smoke reports online, so that I could 'get a feel', if you will, about how to write this report. Quite honestly most of the reports were either of the 'short one word sentence type' or were way too scientific to understand.

Using words like 'spacey', 'visual', 'trippy', 'ampy', 'clear up high', 'energetic', 'creative', 'breathtaking', 'paranoia inducing', 'head high', 'body high', 'couch-lock', 'up', 'down', etc., just left me trying to imagine how my definition of those individual words might differ from everyone else's (given the perspective of one's reality). Or worse yet, I drove myself crazy trying to string the words together in a coherent fashion. Sort of a, you say potato and I say potatoe, mishmash of a bunch of descriptive words, all with meaning yet no clear definition! The scientific version is even worse in my humble opinion. All science. No emotion. And as my grand pappy used to say, " You can't put facts in your pipe and smoke 'em, sonny boy!"

So here's what I decided to do. I made up my mind that I was going to write a report about what it was like to spend an entire day stoned on the DALAT. A trip back in time if you will…

The alarm went off as usual at 5 AM this morning. Got up and put the coffee on. Strong, fresh ground Columbian. Six cups. After a quick check of the garden to make sure the plants were doing all right, I turned on the news to catch the latest on the Iraqi excursion. Sat down at the kitchen table, picked out a nice lime green crystal covered bud, and proceeded to roll the first joint of this six-month adventure. As I broke the bud apart I made a mental note of how compact and sticky it was. It had an absolutely delicious smell… sort of like 'spearmint gum dipped in diesel fuel', whatever that smells like!

It was too sticky to crumble with my fingers so I got a pair of sharp scissors and started cutting it up into smaller more roll able pieces. I rolled a super wide (I only use natural hemp papers from fatty, pulled out my vintage Zippo, and fired it up. I burned away the twisted end, and then took a big, full first hit. The taste was very smooth. The flavor was hash like, yet sweet and mellow at the same time. It expanded nicely in my lungs but was definitely not harsh. I held it for as long as I could and then exhaled. The smoke had a very sweet and potent aroma. I knew I could smoke this all day. My head immediately started buzzing within a couple of seconds. This was going to be a good day!

I placed the joint in the ashtray, while I poured my self a cup of coffee. A little cream, and a little sugar, and I opened up the newspaper and started to catch up on world events. The TV was a quiet distraction in the background. I fired up the joint a second time and took another champion hit. I was amazed by the fact that although the smoke really expanded in my lungs, it was so smooth that I didnt feel the need to cough. After holding it in for what seemed like forever, I exhaled, and felt the blood rush to my head. It was really kicking in now!

Three or four minutes later I found myself re-reading the same paragraph in the newspaper…something about a new virus from China…and wondering why the TV was blaring. Had it always been that loud? I started looking around the room, and noticed how everything just looked brighter and more colorful. My perspective had most definitely changed. I smiled, the first of many smiles today.

I could go on to describe the rest of the day in detail, but then this report would just turn into a small novel. I ate breakfast. I took a shower. I smoked some more, and I kept getting higher. I sat outside by the pool. The sky was very blue, and the sunshine was bright. Plants were greener, and the flowers were more colorful. The birds flew slower. The music sounded great, and I found myself wanting to dance.

It was hard to read, but only because of all the wonderful distractions the world offers when you pay attention. I noticed everything, and I kept thinking thoughts that made me smile so much that my jaw ached. Not unlike a very small dose of mushrooms. I was very happy to be alive. I was very happy I had decided to grow a sativa!

As the day progressed I kept smoking a hit or two at a time, and I kept on soaring. Every hit would take me a little bit higher, but this was not a 'narcotic type high'. No down time smoking this stuff! I felt energetic and creative, and yet relaxed, all at the same time. And I got a terrible case of the munchies around lunchtime!

In the afternoon a very close friend stopped by and we finished the joint together while sitting outside with a cold beer. We laughed our Asses off. He called later on the way home to say he was totally spaced out in traffic, but he felt very mellow and didn't care.

Did I have a great day? Absolutely! Is it the strongest pot you'll ever smoke…the 'Holy Grail'? I don't know. Did I get high? Hell yeah! Could I smoke only this strain the rest of my life? Most definitely! It's was just how I remembered it when I first started smoking' the kind sativa back in the old days. A real deja vu trip back in time!

Perhaps the best description I've read, was one about the strain VB at I don't know the authors name, but I think it fits the DALAT to a tee. Whoever he was, he nailed it on the head when he wrote,

"Not for light weight smokers! This stuff is EXACTLY what I remember was around during the 70's. You can almost hear the whoomp-whoomp of the Nam choppers. A great outdoors "Summer Day smoke". Just don't smoke it before your landlord or Mom comes by… A 10 in my book!"

Well there you have it. For what it's worth..from a lightweight old guy from the '60's! And I'm definitely LOL!

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