New Wave: Bonsai Budding

bon·sai Pronunciation Key (bn-s, bns, -z)
n. pl. bonsai

1. The art of growing dwarfed, ornamentally shaped trees or shrubs in small shallow pots or trays.
2. A tree or shrub grown by this method.

This article is for anyone that cannot grow a full sized marijuana plant for a wide variety of reasons including:

* cost of lights
* no where to grow
* nosey neighbours
* only need a small amount of marijuana for personal use

Bonsai trees have been a japanese art for many centuries and now it can be applied to even marijuana plants! The concept of bonsai budding is very simple. Marijuana can be put into flowering at any stage of growth. The result is a minature version of a full sized plant that should provide enough weed for you and a few friends! Bonsai Budding not only provides you with some inexpensive marijuana but it can be a fun and enjoyable hobby that requires very minimal invesment and effort. The only things you need to grow Bonsai Bud are sunlight and patience!

Growing a bonsai bud plant is the same as growing any other house plant. First you must choose a suitable pot, choose a pot that has a diameter of 4-6". Make sure you use good quality potting soil rather than just dirt from outside for best results.You can either use clones or seeds. Follow the instructions in our knowledgebase for clones or seeds respectively.

As soon as your plants are 2"-3" tall place them near a window sill. Depending on the time of the year you want to make sure that the plants only get 12 hours of light per day so you will want to place them in a closet or somewhere dark if you are in the middle of summer. The reason for this is because in nature during the summer months when there is long hours the plants focus all of their energy into growing big and near the end of summer when there is only 12 hours of light they start focusing all of their energy into reproduction. Remember that even though your plants are only 2"-3" tall now they will probably get to about 5"-6" tall when they are finished flowering. If you are growing from seed there is a 50/50 chance your plant will turn out be a male so plant double the number of plants you plan on keeping.

Any good bonsai gardener knows that the key to keeping the bonsai plant is trimming. The key to bonsai budding is that you never want the leaves to fully develop and alert others to the true nature of the plant. With a pair of scissors simply round off all of the leaves and even trim entire fingers off of the leaves so that all but the most knowledgeable marijuana growers will be able to know the true nature of your plant. Make sure that you don't trim too much of the leaves off your plant though otherwise it will die.

Like any other plant Bonsai Bud plants need regular watering. How often to water depends on the size of your plant and the the climate you are growing in. It is more common for the beginner marijuana cultivator to overwater rather than underwater their plants. Do not water it until the top layer of soil is nearly dried out. If you stick your finger into the soil you should be able to feel about 2" below the surface of the soil still a bit moist. This is when you want to water your plant. You can also feed your plant some fertilizer if you want. Make sure you do not give it too much fertilizer as it is very small and delicate.

From start to finish Bonsai Budding takes about 8 weeks and will yeild anywhere from 1/8th – 1/2 oz. of marijuana. You want to harvest your plants when you start to see the hairs turn color from white to brown. Cut the plant near the roots and hang it upside down in a dry, dark area. Smoke and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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