Genetics: An Insight to Bros Grimm’s Apollo series

Apollo 13 = Genius/P75 is very popular despite my only having created about 500 seeds.

Apollo 11 = Genius/C99 and is currently available through Heaven's Stairway.

Note both have the SAME mother – "Genius" which a sister of Princess, although you'd hardly see a family resemblance. Genius is lemon-scented, rather like Lemon Pledge furniture polish actually. Her high is not speedy like Princess', it's a "happy high". As a plant, Genius is a pleasure to flower, producing heavier yields than Princess with similarly resinous floral clusters shaped less like Princess' "braids" and more like a dense cone of sparkling, tightly-packed calyxes & pistils bursting out from between little leaves bristling with stalked glands. Very sticky and pungent smelling. She matures rapidly, finishing in 7 weeks and when the buds are manicured (very easy) and dried, Genius' final product is true "eye candy" to behold.

The father plant used in Apollo 13 was the same as was used to create Cinderella 88.

The father plant used to create Apollo 11 was the same as was used to make the current generation of C99, i.e., P94. This male was responsible for adding considerable yield to the current Cinderella 99, i.e., P97 generation. In future, I'll post pics of them to show the difference.

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