Cloning Tips: Common Mistakes & Problems

CLONING TIPS: Learning to clone can be frustrating. The most common Problems and Mistakes are…

-No root stimulator: Use rooting gel or rooting powder everytime you clone. Gel is more popular than powder, but powder works fine.

-No humidity dome:  Keep clones under the dome until rooted(10-12 days is average).

-Clones are cut during 12 hour bud cycle: Always cut during 18 hour(veg cycle)

-Clone is too small: Cut a little branch near the botton of the plant, but not too little. Bigger clones are more succesful. Let plants get big before taking clones.

-No fungicide: microscopic pathogens inside the moist humidity dome environment will quickly cause root-rot. Use "No-Damp", Hydrogen Peroxide, or other anti-fungal(a few drops is plenty).
-Overwatering: Keep things damp but not soggy.

-Wrong Light: Use fluorescent light for clones, and keep it close to the plant.

-Too Cold: Clones do best in a warm environment. Putting the fluorescent light very close to the humidity dome works best.

-Bacteria: Wash hands before cutting clones. Wash the razor blade with alcohol or peroxide between cuts. Wash/Disinfect humidity domes between clone batches. Treat clone-cutting like a surgical procedure
Good Luck – Keep Trying – If you follow these tips you will have good results.

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