Tom Hill Genetics

Here are some information to what Tom Hill has been working with thus far.

"Pine Tar Kush"- A relatively unworked Pakistani inbred line. Lime green pine/skunk, one of my heavier yielding pure indicas. A very nice smoke of average potency with a rich flavor & chatty high. Some folk say it taste just like juicy fruit gum. Outdoors it finishes the second week of October, indoors about 60 days.

"SCBBXPTK"- This is an untested hybrid where the Salmon Creek Big Bud clone was hit by the Pine Tar Kush. I expect variable offspring of average potency, but there should be some very heavy yielders in there. Flavors should range between the PTK and the musky skunk of the SCBB.

This is really just a step in a longer proccess of finding a suitable male to kick up the yield of my short fat indicas. They should finish outdoors by the second or third week of October, indoors about 60 days.

"Cripple Creek"- An F1 hybrid- (Pine Tar Kush X Deep Chunk) I like this one a lot. Super rich flavor with an excellent high. It is higher yielding than the Deep Chunk, and may be a contender as a high grade commercial bud. This one takes me back to the days of cut-off shirts, leg warmers and the roller rink. An old-timey California skunk bud. Outdoors-first or second week of October, indoors- less than 60 days.

"Deep Chunk"- This one is probably my favorite pure indica of all time, select individuals can be very potent. It's a relatively heavily worked inbred line- goes a long way back in northern California. This extremely broad-leafed hash plant is originally from Afghanistan. Potency & flavor has been the driving force behind my selections, & this plant has consumed the majority of my efforts. The smoke is real "thick" & the flavor ranges from skunk to hashy pine. It is relatively lower yielding, but, IMHO is a very high quality indica. Outdoors late September to early October. Indoors less than 60 days.

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